"Shimenawa Sora [Sky] Study", Welded steel, phosphorescence, lacquer, 2013. Day View

Unseen Exhibition, San Francisco November 9

“Shimenawa Sora [Sky] Study”
The project is inspired by traditional Japanese Shinto Shimenawa (Rice Rope).
Shimenawa rope-tying is an ancient Shinto practice of delineating sacred natural landmarks. The Shinto practice of identifying and demarcating special natural objects; trees, stones, rivers and calling attention to and protecting them with a simple marker; the rope tied around the object is the conceptual basis of this sculpture. The rope marker is a visual symbol for a core concept in the Shinto belief that natural objects are spiritual and sacred. The artist’s intention is to re-imagine the Shimenawa rope in contemporary materials and forms. The welded steel cable is coated with phosphorescence, which appears a clear/yellow color in the daytime and absorbs natural light, at night the phosphorescence will emit a soft, blue glow for up to five hours. The phosphorescence ‘charges’ during the day and so will respond to the environmental conditions, as on days of low light or clouds, the night time glow will be less, in days of bright light, the glow will be more vibrant.